It is our desire, through Bible classes, Chapel, Fall Retreat, and day to day interactions to encourage students to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop their personal relationship with Him.

This course gives 9th graders the foundation knowledge needed to have confidence in the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God.  Students will also understand the biblical perspective and implications of creation, sin and the curse, redemption, faith and obedience.  

The students will gain a picture of the history of how God used individuals and a nation (the Hebrews) to bring about the plan of redemption from creation through the kings (Genesis through 2 Chronicles).

Students will investigate how Bible characters, although fraught with human frailty, used their faith, dependence upon God's strength and obedience to bring about the story of redemption, and how these principles apply to us today in a real and relevant way.

Each student must perform 20 hours of service per year, 10 per semester. 

Primary Text:  The Bible, New International Version. Students are to bring their own book-version of the Bible to class.